Cartographer's Vision

In the last 50 years, the field of cartography, along with all technical fields, has undergone tremendous technological advancement. However, cartography's artistic side remains marooned where it was hundreds of years ago, before the invention of the cotton gin, the printing press or even the musical scale.

Cartography’s anachronistic approach to art impedes human progress. In my view, cartography’s failure to adopt the high level of artistic expression that is standard in other technical fields, like medicine and botany, contributes to humanity’s general indifference toward our planet’s geography, and toward our planet itself.

Planet Earth is arguably our most beautiful and important asset, nonetheless, standard maps depict it as a mechanical abstraction of no particular value or beauty. This carries an out-of-date underlying message that needs revision.

The Essential Geography aims to initiate a new era in which cartography gives our beautiful and important planet its due.

Thank you,

Dave Imus, Cartographer