Image 2nd Edition, The Essential Geography USA

2nd Edition, The Essential Geography USA

The 2nd Edition fuses the art of illustration and the science of cartography, creating a new kind of geographic information that is more informative than standard maps. This illustrative form of cartography communicates more clearly because great care and thoroughness go into its creation. On the Essential Geography of the USA, I've now spent approx. 8,000 hours working out each of its one million details to communicate optimally. When each of a million details speaks with a clear voice, you can enjoy the stories they tell instead of working hard just to figure out what is being said.

Paper and laminated versions ship rolled in tubes. Framed versions ship in well-engineered cartons. Each piece is signed.

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Image State and Regional Portraits

State and Regional Portraits

These archival giclée art prints help you enjoy the geographic beauty of your favorite places.

Image Cartographic Art

Cartographic Art

I try to capture the geographic beauty of the places I represent.

Image 1st Edition, The Essential Geography USA

1st Edition, The Essential Geography USA

This national award-winning reinvention of the US wall map brings the richness and beauty of the United States to life. It is the only map that depicts the principal elements of our common geographic heritage.

Size: 50" x 35.3" - Scale: 1:4,000,000 - Published 2010

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Image The Essential Geography of Oregon

The Essential Geography of Oregon

The Essential Geography of Oregon is the first map to illustrate the basic geography - land, water and human footprint - of an American state. This is also the first map to illustrate an American state with the level of artistic expression that has always been the standard in other disciplines, such as botanical and medical illustration.

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Image Oregon Topo-Travel-Reference Map

Oregon Topo-Travel-Reference Map

The most definitive geographic map of Oregon also provides a bounty of travel information. On the flip side you'll find on-the-ground flavor in a lively "Oregon Travel Guide" by best-selling outdoor writer William L. Sullivan.

Size 39.6" x 27.1" - Scale 1:750,000 - Published 2008

The Poster Paper and Laminated versions of this map are out of stock.

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Image Sierra Nevada - California-Nevada, USA

Sierra Nevada - California-Nevada, USA

From Lassen Volcanic National Park through the High Sierra to Tehachapi Pass, this map displays the entire Sierra Nevada in a continuous sweep of dramatic mountain landscape. A bounty of geographic information and a great trip planner.

"A new landmark in outdoor publishing." -Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle

Scale 1:500,000 - Size 30" x 50" - Published 2006

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Image Alaska Topo-Travel-Reference Map

Alaska Topo-Travel-Reference Map

No other Alaska map blends geographic and travel information on one sheet. Approximately 3,500 features identified.

Scale 1:3,000,000 - Size 28" x 50" - Published 2004

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