Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I place an order ?

    Click "Shop" or "Shop Now" and follow links to the map you wish to purchase. On the appropriate map page, select the version and quantity you would like, and click "Add to Cart." At this time you can either "Continue Shopping" or you can "Checkout." After you click the "Checkout" button, please fill in your name, etc. and submit. Your shipping information will appear in my database and your order will ship, usually by the end of the next business day.

  • Is shipping free ?

    Shipping to any US address free. The cost of shipping to Canada is $20USD for wall maps and $5USD for folded maps. For all other international orders, please visit

  • Are your maps packaged well for shipping ?

    Here's what one customer said: "I just received the map I ordered a few days ago.  The map is gorgeous, but I was expecting that.  What I wasn't expecting was for the packaging to be just as impressive as the map itself.  Kudos to both the map maker and whoever packed it for shipping!" -TD, Paradise, Utah


    As with all visual art, you lose intimacy when you place your map behind a physical barrier, like glass or lamination. So, I prefer POSTER PAPER wall maps.

    If you want to experience a map to its fullest, adhere a POSTER PAPER copy to a smooth, flat surface, and view it in abundant light.

    On the other hand, there are times when LAMINATION is preferable. If you pin your map to a wall, you will want a LAMINATED copy that won’t sag excessively.

    FOLDED maps are the way to go if you don’t have wall space for a large map. Benefits are: you can page through FOLDED Essential Geography USA maps like an atlas, making them good for studying up close, at your desk or table. Plus, the paper is specialty map paper made to be durable, so you can re-FOLD your map anyway you’d like. For example, you can FOLD your map back to isolate an area that is of particular interest to you.

  • How was the Essential Geography of the USA made ?

    I made this map using Adobe Illustrator based on location data provided by my partner in such things, Pat Dunlavey. I estimate that my design and creation of the Essential Geography took 6,000 hours - about three years of average work time, compressed into about 24 months.

  • Are your maps printed on special paper ?

    Yes!  To assure the best possible print quality, I print my wall maps on heavy poster paper. My laminated maps are identical to the poster paper version, but with the addition of a crystal clear laminate coating. I print each of my folded maps on special high-strength map paper that will last many years under normal use.

  • Which version do you recommend ?

    If you plan to frame your map behind glass, I recommend the poster paper version. If you plan to frame your map without glass or you plan to pin your map to a wall, I recommend the laminated version. Normal changes in humidity will cause the poster paper version to sag over time if it is not mounted, such as for framing. On the other hand, normal changes in humidity do not affect laminated maps.
    If you don't have wall space for a map, please try a folded map. I print my folded maps on special high-strength map paper that will last many years under normal use. And my folded "Essential Geography of the USA" map features an atlas fold that allows you to read across the country like you are turning the pages of a book.

  • Can a laminated map be framed ?

    Yes! This method of display is less expensive than framing behind glass, yet it still encourages the viewer to run their fingers over the map. My laminated wall maps are heat-sealed in 1.7 mil clear vinyl, an easy-care finish. You can also write on them with a dry erase marker. When a traditional framing with glass is appropriate, I recommend the poster paper version.

  • What are the framed Essesntial Geography maps like ?

    A crystal-clear, non-glare laminate, instead of glass, protects this popular version of the Essential Geography. Completely ready to hang, this map is professionally mounted on strong fiberboard and framed in mahogany-finished wood (poplar); picture wire is already attached and we provide two picture hangers. Your map will arrive in a sturdy, multi-layered box that was made specifically for shipping this elegant portrait of the USA. The frame's outside dimension is approximately 52.25" x 37.5". Each framed map is signed by cartographer, David Imus.

  • Can you recommend an inexpensive way to hang my map?

    You might take a look at

  • What about folded Essential Geography maps ?

    When not left flat, my maps fold like accordions - the easiest style for human beings to refold. The folded "Essential Geography of the USA" map features an atlas fold that allows you to read across the country as if you were turning the pages of a book.


    Also, the special high-strength paper on which I print my folded maps allows you to reconfigure the folds to suit yourself. Folded maps don't take up much space. Plus, there is a certain aesthetic to a map that lets you isolate your geographic focus by letting you fold the map sheet down to just your region of immediate concern.

  • Do you have a downloadable index to the Essential Geography of the USA?
  • Do you have a downloadable index to the Essential Geography of Oregon?
  • Can I order by mail ?

    Yes. If you prefer to order by mail, you are more than welcome to use my Mail-In Order Form. Just print it, fill it out and send it to me at the address on the form. This is also a good way to request a signed map.

  • What are your terms and conditions ?

    I offer a 30-day return/exchange policy.

  • Do you ship internationally ?

    For orders outside the United States and Canada, please email East View Map Link at

  • Do you offer discounts to educators ?

    For quantity discounts, please contact me via email at

  • Need more information ?
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