2nd Edition, Version 3: What's New?

Shaded relief in the background of the 1st Edition shows the relative size and location of US landforms. A new terrain illustration in the background of the 2nd Edition, Version 3 goes an evolutionary step farther and shows you, for the first time ever, what the United States and its landforms look like. 

In the 2nd Ed,. V3, realism in the terrain converts geography from an academic abstraction to a means to see the real world. V3 makes geography more intuitive and understandable. 

When I travel, I gather mental pictures that I composite into visual impressions of entire landscapes, large and small. The 2nd Ed,. V3 shows you my visual memory of the United States. 

In this new work, I invite you to see a beautiful patchwork of landscapes stitched together into a uniquely-American quilt. I also invite you to see that in addition to being an academic subject, geography is a means to see beauty in the world that is otherwise hidden from view by its size and complexity.

I hope you will enjoy the Essential Geography of the USA, 2nd Ed., V3.

Thank you,

David Imus, Cartographer