Image The Essential Geography of the United States of America
The Essential Geography of the United States of America

This national award-winning reinvention of the US wall map brings the richness and beauty of the United States to life. It is the only map that depicts the principal elements of our common geographic heritage.

Image Cartographic Art
Cartographic Art

I try to capture the geographic beauty of the places I represent.

Image State and Regional Portraits
State and Regional Portraits

These archival giclée art prints help you enjoy the geographic beauty of your favorite places.

Image Sierra Nevada - California-Nevada, USA
Sierra Nevada - California-Nevada, USA

From Lassen Volcanic National Park through the High Sierra to Tehachapi Pass, this map displays the entire Sierra Nevada in a continuous sweep of dramatic mountain landscape.

Image Alaska Topo-Travel-Reference Map
Alaska Topo-Travel-Reference Map

No other map of Alaska combines the illustrative qualities of detailed terrain shading with abundant information on the same sheet. Approximately 3,500 features identified.

Image Chugach State Park - Chugach Mountains, Alaska
Chugach State Park - Chugach Mountains, Alaska

Extending from suburban Anchorage deep into the ice-capped Chugach Mountains, this one-half million acre alpine wilderness park is genuine Alaska, but lies only 8 miles from an intercontinental airport. Showing roads and trails, shaded relief, contours, and depicting forested areas and glaciers, this map shows the beauty of Alaska and serves as a back country guide.

Image Oregon Topo-Travel-Reference Map
Oregon Topo-Travel-Reference Map

Oregon, USA is the most detailed and illustrative single-sheet map ever made of the state. It shows 1536 towns and localities, plus: State Parks; paved roads vs. gravel roads; shaded relief; forested areas; National Forests; abundant elevations; highway mileages; scenic routes; and wilderness area.