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The Greatest Paper Map of the United States You'll Ever See • Article

"Can one paper wall map really outshine all others - so definitively that it becomes award-worthy? I'm here to tell you it can."

Article by Seth Stevenson

Slate / online magazine; New York, New York

Three maps to fall in love with • Article

The Essential Geography is loved as it has led many to hail it as a rebuttal to claims that the paper map is on its way out.

Article by Jamie Stevenson

HERE 360, the official HERE blog; London, England

The making of a beautiful map of the United States • Article

Dave stresses that his is the work of an illustrator, rather than a cartographer. He places an emphasis on his kinship with botanical illustrators, whose artistry is as important as their scientific nous.

Article by Jamie Stevenson

HERE 360, the official HERE blog; London, England

The renegade cartographer • Article

“From across the room, the 4−by−3-foot Essential Geography looks like most any other U.S. map: 50 states, punctuated by cities and towns and crisscrossed by rivers and roads. But studying the image more closely, I’ve realized the map is not remotely standard fare.”

Article by Christina Cooke

High Country News / print and online magazine; Paonia, Colorado

Mapping the Way to a More Equal World • Interview

"Inequality isn't just about money. It's also about information. The lack of reliable data about developing countries makes things like development work and disaster relief much harder."

John Hockenberry interviews me and Dale Kunce, senior geospatial engineer at the American Red Cross.

The Takeaway / WNYC Radio and Public Radio International; New York, New York

The Greatest Map of the United States • Interview

"Many of us at Here & Now were mesmerized recently when we unraveled a new map of the U.S by Dave Imus. We ogled at the details! Pointed out familiar landmarks. Marveled at our utter lack of geographic awareness. OK, we're public radio nerds, but we aren't alone in our appreciation of a good map."

Radio interview with Robin Young

Here and Now / Public Radio International; Boston, Massachusetts

Mapping America • Interview

"Mapmaker Dave Imus looked at the maps he could find of the country and set out to create a better one."

Radio interview with Dick Gordon (begins at about 25 minutes into the program)

The Story / American Public Media; Durham, North Carolina

Dave Imus' Great American Map • Interview

"So how does a man working in his Eugene farmhouse beat out monumental institutions like the U.S. Census Bureau, Central Intelligence Agency Cartography Center and National Geographic, which have all won the prestigious honor for so many years? It's simple  -  with clarity."

Listen to interview with Dave Miller

OPB / Oregon Public Broadcasting; Portland, Oregon

The Art of American Cartography • Interview

In this 15-minute interview with Living on Earth's Bruce Gellerman, Dave talks about why we needed a new United States map.

"Before I started making this map I surveyed all the other U.S. maps that have been on our walls forever. And my conclusion was it was no wonder that Americans are really very geographically disinterested, because on these maps, there was really very little geography. And so I thought I could do a better job."

Radio interview with Bruce Gellerman

Living on Earth / Public Radio International; Somerville, Massachusetts

The Best Map of the United States You'll Ever See • Article

"Made by one man, when most maps made by corporations"

Read article by Jonathon Anker

HLN / Turner Broadcasting System; Atlanta, Georgia

The Graphic Depiction of Geography • Interview

"If your surroundings to you are just random scenery, your life is not as enriched as it would be if your surroundings meant something to you."

Television interview with Lincoln Graves

KATU-Channel 2 / Television; Portland, Oregon