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My name is Dave Imus. I've made maps as Imus Geographics since 1983.

When viewed through a geographic lens, the world as a colossal work of sculpture that transcends the intricacy and beauty art. If a map is created artistically, it will reveal that geography is really quite beautiful. The goal of the Essential Geography of the United States of America is to reveal this country’s basic geographic arrangement so more people can see its intricacy and beauty and become inspired to think basic US geography is important.

A lifetime Oregonian, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in geography and Spanish from the University of Oregon in 1982. In 1983 I founded Imus Geographics, originally working under contract for street map publishers including Rand McNally. However, during a two-year break from work in the late 1980's, spent mostly in the mountains, I became interested in making maps of scenic areas in Oregon like Willamette Pass, the Wallowa Mountains and the Metolius River. In 1998, I published a travel/reference map of the State of Oregon. Since that time I've teamed up with Massachusetts cartographer Pat Dunlavey to produce maps such as Chugach State Park, Alaska; State of Alaska; and the Essential Geography of the USA. My Wallowa Mountains map, my 1998 Oregon map, the Chugach State Park map, and the Essential Geography of the USA each received top national honors in ACSM/CaGIS Annual Map Design Competitions.  In 2012, my art received a considerable boost when Slate magazine called the Essential Geography, "The greatest paper map of the United States you'll ever see."



>   The Essential Geography of the United States of America, 2010; Reference Maps - 1st Place, and Best in Show.*

>   State of Oregon, USA, 2008; Reference Maps - honorable mention.*

>   Sierra Nevada, California-Nevada, USA, 2006; Reference Maps - 2nd Place.*

>   State of Alaska, USA, 2004; Reference Maps - 1st Place.

>   Chugach State Park, Alaska, 2002; Reference Maps - 1st Place, and Best in Show.*

>   State of Oregon, 1998; Reference Maps - 1st Place, and Best in Show.

>   Metolius River, Oregon, 1996; Reference Maps - 2nd Place.

>   Wallowa Mountains, Oregon, 1995; Reference Maps - 1st Place, and Best in Show.

>   Santiam Pass Winter Recreation, 1991; Thematic maps - 2nd Place

>   Willamette Pass Cross-Country Ski Trails, 1989; Thematic Maps - 1st Place.


* Map made collaboratively with Pat Dunlavey Cartographics, and available on this site.



Check out the Imus Geographics shop to purchase an assortment of maps - USA, Oregon, the Sierra Nevadas and more. Imus Geographics’ map of the USA offers improved legibility and a greater diversity of content. It beat out other maps of the USA to be selected as the best map published in North America for 2010.